Haircutting & Sculpture With Pia


Michelangelo's unfinished slave sculptures clearly show the building of shapes by the carving away of material, just as we build forms by cutting hair.

As Apprentices, our main goal is to become great haircutters through advanced training. We bring models in every week to practice precision haircutting techniques where we work on perfecting our ability to control hair and carefully sculpt it to build shapes. If one thinks about it, it’s quite amazing. We actually build shapes by taking away hair in the same way that sculptors create shapes by carving marble or stone. And when performed with precision and accuracy, a great haircut will grow out evenly and beautifully for months.

However, what I feel makes our training at Cristiano Cora Studio stand out is that we don’t just focus on technique. We also learn about the art of good composition. We focus on making certain parts of the face, neck, and body recede or move forward by strategically placing shapes on the head in order to best suit each person. Excellent composition in a haircut can make someone look younger, thinner, taller, bigger, smaller, more comfortable, more confident and ultimately, more beautiful.

To book appointments for carefully designed haircuts with any of the Cristiano Cora Studio Stylists please contact the salon at 212.414.1333.


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