Workshop Inspiration with Joyce


As an apprentice I always look forward to the inspiration I get from the precision techniques and new perspectives during the studio’s monthly educational classes with Cristiano. The intensive two day classes are focused on Cristiano’s haircutting philosophy and his creative approach though using various haircutting techniques.

This month Cristiano began the session with an introduction of the staff and gave a short history of his career. He then walked the students through the studio, explaining the idea behind the salon’s architecture and afterwards began the demonstration. The haircut he chose to demonstrate was fashion forward yet functional with a versatile shape. During the demo he explained each step so students could understand the cause and effect of why he lifted the hair differently in each section. He emphasized to his students how cutting hair methodically is the key to a clean and balanced haircut and related it to art and architecture.

Jeanise, the studio’s Colorist, then demonstrated a bleach and tone technique starting with formulation, then proceeded onto the application. She described that one must be very meticulous when applying bleach so the hair can lift evenly and to avoid any overlapping that may cause chemical breakage. During the hands-on portion, Cristiano always gets very involved with everyone individually. I am always curious to see what each stylist chooses to use for their cutting and color tools and to hear the passionate hairdressing stories from everyone.

If you’re looking for some new insight and a fresh look to creative haircuts then be sure to experience these fun and informative Davines/Cristiano Cora Classes at Cristiano Cora Studio. Check us out at, and become a fan of Cristiano Cora Studio on Facebook!


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