Winter Hair Care Tips with Paola

DSCN9069Living in New York City we go through a lot of changes. We are exposed to pollutants, smog and harsh changes in the environment. During the winter months we need to take care of our hair because we lose moisture making our hair fragile and dull.

These our some tips for maintaining healthy. One of the most common mistakes people make is shampooing their hair too often. In cold weather both hair and scalp dry out easily. Try to shampoo once a day. You also need the right products that have conditioning agents like rice proteins, avocado and seaweed. These make the hair easier to comb through and prevent split ends. An easy way to combat static is to spray a small amount of hair spray onto a brush. When done styling, brush from top to bottom. You can also lightly rub a Bounce dryer sheet onto the hair and inside hats. By wearing hats and scarves it will protect the hair from cold temperatures. Remember not to put it on too tight, you don’t want to stop blood circulation.

By maintaining your hair at home and getting professional treatments at the salon you will have healthy and shiny hair through the winter months.

To book an appointment with Paola for color, Brazilian Keratin Treatments and other hair services to maintain healthy hair, please call Cristiano Cora Studio at 212.414.1333.


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