Winter Hair Color with Jeanise

In my experience, many clients like their hair to be darker for the Fall and Winter months. My question to them is always, “Are you going to want to be light again for summer?” The answer is usually yes. If the answer is yes, I give options between warm caramels, neutral chestnuts, and cool berry tones.

If a client is high-lighted, one way to go is to tone down high-lights with deeper, richer low-lights. If you are a permanent, all over color kind of person, you could also add beautiful natural looking low-lights or complimenting panels of color to your single-process to create depth and dimension.

Using non-commitment, low maintenance, temporary color is another great way of going darker or just trying something new as temporary color gradually fades away with each shampoo. Using demi-permanent color will last a bit longer than a temporary color but will be easier to lift out of the hair if you want to lighten your hair again.

All of these options work well because they maintain the integrity of the hair while adding deeper tones which tend to reflect light making the hair very shiny. Who doesn’t love SHINE??? It’s also nice to have variety and change when it works well and feels good!

To book an appointment for hair color with Jeanise Aviles please call Cristiano Cora Studio at 212.414.1333.


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