Stylist Apprenticing With Joyce

My advanced training classes are incredible. They allow me to focus primarily on striving to become a reputable hairstylists in this business.  During my education I am  constantly looking to improve the quality of work I am creating in my classes.  Studying areas that need attention for improvement is always rewarding because it teaches me how to become a strong hairstylist.

When looking for models I generally place ads, or scout for models on the street.  If the pictures are not clear enough I may ask them to come in for a consultation so I can see if  the model’s hair condition, texture and length are suitable for certain techniques.   This process has been very important to me because it helps me to understand how to select the best model.

During my education I am constantly looking to improve my quality of work to become a stronger hairstylist. Making time to practice is a must.  Practicing helps stimulate my memory and improve my dexterity.  Being consistent about creating beautiful shapes on my models makes me pleased when they are happy.

Every step of my training is a positive challenge because gradually I am growing and becoming more confident about my passion.

I am excited to further my education at Cristiano Cora Studio because there is so much inspiration, dedication and talent.

For beautiful haircuts and color from any of our talented Stylists and Colorists, contact Cristiano Cora Studio at 212.414.1333 to book an appointment.


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