Hair Brush 101 with Adam

How often do you struggle with finding the appropriate brush or comb? With the hundreds of options it can become overwhelming when deciding what items to purchase. Checking with your stylist or neighborhood salon will ensure the quality of the tool. I have created a mini brush kit if, you will, of my favorite things.

The base of all styling tools is your brush and comb. There are many misperceptions on what brush is appropriate for simply brushing out the hair, or what to use for styling your hair. A paddle brush is excellent for long straight hair. Its great for brushing through the hair when damp to avoid hyper extending the hair strand and causing damage. A Denman brush is great with shorter hair styles i.e. a bob, mid-length hair or for a cropped shape. There are variations in the sizes of brushes which help you achieve flatness and shine. Smaller width Denman brushes are great for short hair strands while wider widths move gracefully through longer hair. When attempting volume, a round brush is the go-to tool. The size of the brush can help determine how easily volume can be achieved. Avoid using tight-toothed combs and brushes when the hair is wet/damp. Look for something with wider teeth so it moves through the hair effortlessly, causing less damage. Do not abrasively brush or comb through wet hair. I would suggest applying a leave in conditioner for chemically treated or damaged hair and gently brushing it through the hair.

Be sure to follow these suggestions and you should see an improvement in the condition of your hair. 

To book an appointment with Adam Maclay for cut and color please contact Cristiano Cora Studio at 212.414.1333.


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