New Davines Melu Products with Pia

As a hair professional, it’s important to analyze both scalp and hair to choose the right shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to ensure that every cut and color looks great both in the salon and at home. Through this process it’s truly amazing to see what a difference the right products make on improving the health and appearance of one’s hair. So when I heard that we were getting in a new product I jumped at the chance to learn all about it and start using it.

The latest product line is called MELU by Davines. It was designed for weak and long hair to help prevent breakage, repair split ends, and protect the hair from thermal styling.

After a week of trying MELU, we were all very impressed at the salon and clients have loved the products. Over-processed hair that often tangles was easy to comb at the shampoo bowl and the finish stylists were able to achieve from the styling products was shiny and smooth despite the fragile hair. All the clients who tried the products reported that their hair actually felt thicker and Cristiano commented on how the products protected the hair from heat so well that when he tried to over-dry the hair, it just kept getting shinier and static didn’t form.

Some of my favorite features about the products are the natural ingredients and anti-oxidants: The MELU Shampoo contains strengthening spinach extract while the MELU Conditioner contains hydrating apricot butter. The thermal protection MELU Shield is sprayed either on wet hair before the blow dry and/or on dried hair before the flat-iron. It contains rosemary extract (anti-oxidant) and protects the hair from temperatures up to 220 C (wow!). The MELU Serum is applied to the ends of styled and dried hair and contains strengthening Keratin from New Zealand sheep (double wow!) and helps prevent and repair split ends.

The MELU line is great for those looking to repair, strengthen, and protect weakened hair as well as for regular users of blow driers and irons who want to protect their hair from thermal damage. Today I bought the products to take home and can’t wait to use them even on myself.

 To book a haircut or color with a Stylist or Colorist at Cristiano Cora Studio call 212.414.1333. To purchase the MELU products, stop by the studio at 3 W 13th Street (between 5th & 6th Ave.), 2nd floor.


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