Workshop Inspiration with Arleen

Cut:Cristiano Cora; Color:Paola Veron; Photo:Pia Vivas

I have to share this with all Stylists who have the desire to grow and have fun doing so. Get inspired, check out our monthly workshops on Facebook.

Today was a good day.  Inspired by Cristiano’s workshop, I worked on a hair model. I felt so gratified after this haircut. It looked great. The model was smiling before I finished. We both could see the shape in progress. I disconnected the top, undercut a flat rounded graduated shape hugging the nape with the weight sitting at the occipital. The fringe was cut to the cheekbone, connecting with the outline through the sides.

The shape was full of movement and versatility which showcased the beautiful color,  another plus to a fabulous haircut.

Swing into Spring with a new haircut and leave the winter blahs behind.

To book an appointment for a haircut with Arleen Quinones, please call Cristiano Cora Studio at 212.414.1333.


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