Behind Geometry Locks the Mystery of Creation. By Debbie


  An Adoption of the principle that material and functional requirements determine  the  result.

An emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines.

    Simplification of of forms and “unnecessary detail”.

 An adoption of expressed structure.

  Form follows function.

   These are some of the characteristics of modern architecture.

  Theses are some of the characteristics I have seen Cristinao adapt to hair.

 From the moment I walked into his salon I was drawn into the fluid movements that   captivated the elements of simple modern design. Everything was clean and distraction free enabling me to zone into the hair of the client he was cutting.

As time went on I realized how similar his ability to cut hair was closely related an architect’s design to a building. Using shape, form and the environmental surroundings of his client’s head, he brings a balance of harmony and perfection to his haircut, in addition he shows that behind  the geometry, locks the mystery of creation.

Good design is innovative, it makes products useful, it is aesthetic, unobtrusive, long lasting and consequent to the last detail. I now see Cristino as an architect of hair, where “weniger aber besser” -Dieter Rams, which translated means “less but better” or in the eyes of Frank Lloyd Wright  “less is More only when more is too much”.

 Perfection and innovation is the philosophy behind Cristiano Cora Studio

For inquiries and appointments regarding Cristiano Cora Studios feel free to call us at (212) 414-1333




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