Just in: Davines, Keratin Miracle Treatment By: Paola Veron

We are very excited to introduce a new in-salon treatment, Davines “Keratin Miracle” to our arsenal of hair care treatments we offer here at Cristiano Cora Studio.

Before using and new products or treatments on our clients, Cristiano likes to test the new products out on him self, and our staff to in sure the integrity of the product and so we will know first hand how they work. This time I was fortunate enough to have been selected to try out our new treatment.

I have dry and brittle hair because about few months ago I decided I wanted to be supper blonde. It was a lot of fun for a while, however the process left my hair feeling malnourished. Upon growing tired of being blonde I recently went back to roots (a rich mahogany) to give my hair a break. This made me the perfect candidate to try out want Davines has names it’s “Keratin Miracle”.

There are just 3 easy steps to the treatment. First Cristiano shampooed my hair with Davines nourishing shampoo and towel dries my hair really well. Then he thoroughly massages the treatment in from root to ends, following this he rinsed it out my hair really well. Next, he applied the Davines Vegetarian Miracle, a moisturizing conditioner.  As soon as Cristiano started to blow dry my hair I could see the difference. The treatment has restored the health of my hair leaving it stronger and shinier than ever. I would defiantly recommend this treatment to any client with hair that has become distressed and damaged.

To schedule a treatment before your haircut, or after your color call Cristiano Cora Studio 212-414-1333 and make an appointment with Paola Veron: color and treatment specialist.


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