Vidal Sassoon and the Tribeca Film Festival By: Jeanise Aviles

The Tribeca Film Festival showcased a wonderful documentary on the legendary Vidal Sassoon.  Immediately upon entering the theater I had goose bumps all over knowing that I was surrounded by so much talent.

Sassoon is a stylist that changed the world of haircutting with passion, perseverance and a pair of shears.  He revolutionized the art of hair styling in the 1960’s with his philosophy of “wash and wear hair”.  Sassoon reinvented the “bob” look in 1963 and pioneered geometric haircuts in 1966.  It took him nine years to develop this multi-million dollar empire and he expressed that he enjoyed himself every step of the way.

Listening to him speak of his journey excited me and gave me the feeling of wanting to create and explore the art of hairdressing even more.  Like him, if I work a fifteen hour day creating, teaching and glorifying people I feel accomplished and motivated to do it again and again.  To be able to personalize a look for each individual in my care is a daily challenge that feeds my mind and soul in such a way that nothing else in this world can.  My goals in this business are to explore the many ways you can make a single person look and feel gorgeous, through the art of hair color  as well as to share all the things I learn from the wonderful people who teach and inspire me along the way.

Jeanise Aviles

To schedule a color apointment with Jeanise  call Cristiano Cora Studio 212-414-1333


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