The black blooded fashion royal, Limi Feu – who was once a gutter punk rebel – is now the head of a business formed through an alliance with the enemy; her father, Yohji Yamamoto.  Although her designs have the aesthetic similarities as her father – dark colors, layering, asymmetry – she describes her designs  as streetwise with a rock attitude.  She has a feminine-masculine feel to her designs, which makes her clothing look comfortable and oversized, but stilll flattering.  A female designer who hates carrying bags, so she sews them into the clothing or crafts oversized pockets.  Limi proves that talent doesn’t have to skip a generation.  With her playful silhouettes, it wasnt a surprise when she incorporated her designs at the Paris Spring/Summer show with models walking down the runway with hair braided to look like head phones.  She fused together the large volumes of her designs with work boots and hair head phones to feel that the models were either just strutting down the streets of Tokyo or Paris.  This is such a clever idea because it is so playful and practical.  And yes indeed, they’re actually real headphones! Could this possibly be a new trend or a new hair style?

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