How To Style Curly Hair For Maximum Shine by Arleen Quinones


What is essential for shine is a frizz-free surface. My favorite product to control frizz is vegetarian miracle by Davines. Apply a nickel size blob of conditioner to your hair. Use a wide toothcomb to make sure product is throughout the hair, and proceed to scrunch hair with your fingers. Be careful not to tug at your curls.


For shine, you really need a blow dryer with an attachment called a diffuser. Apply product to hair making sure product is combed throughout the hair; tilt your head to the side, releasing the roots from the scalp so that it doesn’t dry flat. Blow-dry on highest setting. Remember to keep the heat going down the hair shaft as to polish the hair. Hold the dryer under your hair, cup the ends in your hand and gently lift as you dry.


To help hair reflect more light, seal the cuticle with a curling iron. Mist each section of hair with a heat protecting spray, and wrap it around a closed three quarter inch ceramic iron. Finish with a glossing spray.

To book an appointment for cut or style please contact Cristiano Cora Studio at: (212) 414-1333


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