Do it yourself! Natural Beauty by Debbie

In researching natural remedies for healthy hair, I found this article in Self Magazine. I tried it on myself and I loved the results. Hope you will too.

Healthy hair with banana

Ingredients Beauty benefits Instructions
1/2 banana Bananas are rich in potassium, an ingredient that temporarily fills gaps in hair’s cuticle, so strands feel smooth. Vitamins B5, A, E and C in the fruit preserve hair’s natural elasticity, lessening breakage and split ends over time, Dr. Graf says. In a blender, whip the banana and yogurt until they have a smoothie like texture (about 45 seconds). Work the mask into wet hair, wrap a wet towel around your head and let the mask soak in for 10 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and style.
1/4 cup

plain yogurt

The lactic acid in yogurt helps maintain your hair and scalp’s pH balance, so they stay moisturized and shiny naturally; fatty acids coat and soften hair, says Cygalle Dias, founder of Cygalle Healing Spa in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic.
Tester tip Opt for regular yogurt, not lowfat, because it has a thicker consistency that won’t slide off wet hair. Add a few drops of vanilla or lavender essential oil to de-stress while you wait.
In a hurry!!!! Instead of doing it yourself, we recommend Davines’s “ Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle” This cream repairing conditioner is perfect for extremely dehydrated and stressed hair. This product contains rice proteins, avocado plus seaweed to nourish and moisturize hair in depth.

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