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Authentic Three-in-One Must Have! by Anna Bollozos

As a flagship of Davines in New York City, we would like to introduce to you the Davines Authentic Formulas: the Authentic Cleansing Nectar, Authentic Moisturizing Balm, Authentic Nourishing Oil and Authentic Replenishing Butter. Four Biodegradable products containing between 98% and 100% natural ingredients, which as been formulated to use for the face, hair and body. Each product cleanses, moisturizes, protects and nourishes the hair and skin. A gentle authentic product suitable for all types of hair and body, even for the sensitive skin.

The Authentic Cleansing Nectar is a gentle cleanser with innovative oil texture that could be used as a shampoo for the hair as well as the body.  In my own experience, it was a great shampoo and body cleanser with a very therapeutic aroma that moisturized both my hair and body without leaving my hair with an oily texture and left my skin feeling soft and relieved throughout the day.   I used it following the Authentic Moisturizing Balm as a conditioner, which is also excellent as a makeup remover for the face, it was very gentle on my sensitive skin and is also great as a body moisturizer. For a really deep moisturizing action, try the Authentic Nourishing Oil on ends of dry hair and a few drops on the face and neck can work as a strong nourishing and anti-aging action. You can also use the Authentic Replenishing Butter for an intense nourishing and elasticizing treatment for your face. This product also works great on dry ends as a leave in conditioner and a great nourishing treatment for hands and cuticles.

Each Product contains organic carthame oil, organic sesame oil, organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter. Its particular fragrance is a blend of natural essences with a balancing therapeutic aroma. Everything a woman could wish for in hair and beauty in one bottle.

To book an appointment with a stylist at Cristiano Cora Studio or purchase a Davines product Call (212) 414-1333


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Surprise! Surprise! NO more Frizz and NO more Roots! By Jeanise Aviles

Making changes… The change of season is approaching!!! All kinds of beautiful changes are being made in texture and color. The world of the Brazilian Treatment is ROCKING! Your choices are to FRIZZ or NOT to FRIZZ??? This treatment smoothes and heals the hair making it feel fluid and free. There is very little maintenance for this treatment and you could totally have it done for just a season or all year round. One of the perks is that the hair reverts to it’s natural curl between two and three months not leaving you with a harsh line of demarcation when the hair starts to grow out. Nancy was not able to blow dry her hair under and hour and half and now she is done in just 30 minutes!!!

Melissa was one of my bleach and tone clients FUN! FUN! FUN! Platinum is always so exciting but it’s time for Melissa to make a change in color due to changes in her lifestyle. She is working full time and is now startting school in September. She needs to cut down on time and cost at the salon. I asked for Melissa to let her natural hair grow at least three to four inches in order to make a natural beautiful change using her own natural hair color. she is a natural level 6 in the back and levels 7, 8 and white in the front.

Step by step:  Using Davines Color line.
Divide hair into 4 sections and start from the back.

Color formula for section 1 and 2.
Bleach, 20 vol.

12/2, (silver tone) 40 vol. root to line of demarcation.

8/0, 20 vol. in the same foil as the 12/2 starting from the line of demarcation to the ends for an even result in level and tone.

6/0, 20 vol.

Color formula for front sections 3 and 4.
Bleach, 20 vol.

12/2, 40 root to line of demarcation.

8/0, 20 vol in the same foil as the 12/2 starting from the line of demarcation to the ends for an even result in level and tone.

7/0, 20 vol.

For the softest most natural result:
1) Weave your H/L section and pin up and away.

2) Color the remaining hair starting at the line of demarcation allowing for the hair to still be it’s natural cool tone.

3) Because she was a one process bleach and tone the majority of your H/L’s will be bleach.

4) Introducing another shade of blonde you must formulate a color for the top portion of your strand and a 2nd formula for the ends of that strand to ensure an even level and tone.

Maintenance for her color then was every 4 to 6 weeks and now that she is a H/L client she will now come into the salon every 3 months.

To schedule a color appointment with Jeanise call Cristiano Cora Studio at (212) 414-1333

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