Authentic Three-in-One Must Have! by Anna Bollozos

As a flagship of Davines in New York City, we would like to introduce to you the Davines Authentic Formulas: the Authentic Cleansing Nectar, Authentic Moisturizing Balm, Authentic Nourishing Oil and Authentic Replenishing Butter. Four Biodegradable products containing between 98% and 100% natural ingredients, which as been formulated to use for the face, hair and body. Each product cleanses, moisturizes, protects and nourishes the hair and skin. A gentle authentic product suitable for all types of hair and body, even for the sensitive skin.

The Authentic Cleansing Nectar is a gentle cleanser with innovative oil texture that could be used as a shampoo for the hair as well as the body.  In my own experience, it was a great shampoo and body cleanser with a very therapeutic aroma that moisturized both my hair and body without leaving my hair with an oily texture and left my skin feeling soft and relieved throughout the day.   I used it following the Authentic Moisturizing Balm as a conditioner, which is also excellent as a makeup remover for the face, it was very gentle on my sensitive skin and is also great as a body moisturizer. For a really deep moisturizing action, try the Authentic Nourishing Oil on ends of dry hair and a few drops on the face and neck can work as a strong nourishing and anti-aging action. You can also use the Authentic Replenishing Butter for an intense nourishing and elasticizing treatment for your face. This product also works great on dry ends as a leave in conditioner and a great nourishing treatment for hands and cuticles.

Each Product contains organic carthame oil, organic sesame oil, organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter. Its particular fragrance is a blend of natural essences with a balancing therapeutic aroma. Everything a woman could wish for in hair and beauty in one bottle.

To book an appointment with a stylist at Cristiano Cora Studio or purchase a Davines product Call (212) 414-1333


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