Burning Man by Jeanise Aviles

Im back and Im charged!!! I spent a week at burning man in the begining of this month and had the time of my life! Burning man is an art festival that happens every summer and this was my 5th year anniversary. What keeps me going back??? The freedom, gorgeous people from all over the world, art installations that blow your mind! and the best music from the best DJ’s ever!

Imagine NYC without one single building, how much space you’ll have.  Now imagine living in a space larger than manhattan with not a building in site all you see and feel is distance, the sun on your body and the breeze flowing consistantly… Your shadows go on for miles…. you could easily close your eyes sooo tight and ride your bike at it’s highest speed and not have a fear in the world that you’ll bump into the next brick wall. You could wear or not wear anything you want and feel like the sexiest being that ever existed. You can play and play and play with 80,000 people who are instantly your friend. It’s the warmest safest feeling I have ever felt. The beauty of every sunset and every sunrise at Black Rock City will always fill my soul with inspiration to love and trust with all my heart. Everyone deserves the chance to feel the purity. Everyone who attends this magical festival will never come back the same because there are so many lessons to be learned in this type of creative environment.

It’s we the people who keep burning man alive. There is nothing commercial about this festival. You are not able to buy or sell anything while you are there. We build this city from scratch for a week and everything we bring, we take back with us. Burning man is the kind of thing that if you are pitching your tent alone, 5 people will come running to give you a hand, offer you something to eat and drink to celebrate your new friendship and your home for the week. The people go great lengths to ensure comfort in the harshest of weather conditions no matter where and who you are. The live spirit of the people is what keeps burning man growing.

The art is PHENOMENAL!!! Black Rock City is so large that you will never be able to see it all in just one week but you’ll have a BLAST trying. There are over 300 art instilations from small to massive, interactive and just down right PLAYFUL. Instalations are never the same because everything you bring with you, you must take back with you. Then there are the art cars!!! you could find yourself sailing through the dessert on a huge ship feeling like a Goddess of the sea or you could totally be inside of a dragon that shoots out fire at the greatest lengths…. It’s all just way to exciting and overwhelming. During the day this festival is one thing but at night which is my favorite time is something totally different. You kind of feel like you’re in the largest bubble ever blown! The night sky looks like it’s covered in DIAMONDS. The city is totally built by the time Thursday comes rolling around. You don’t even need a flash light to get around because everything is lit up so beautifuly!

The night of the Burning of the man is a huge celebration. It’s everybody’s birthday. It’s my favorite time of the week. It’s the one and only time that 80,000 people are all walking together in the same direction to celebrate ourselves and eachother. It’s when you get to see every single art car cause they surround the people that surround the fire dancers that surround the man…

I could go on forever telling you about my experiences but this is something you should experience for yourself…
Burning man is what you make of it…

Take time out everyday to smile and play, life is something to celebrate!

Check out more information on Burning Man at : http://www.BurningMan.com

Loving you always, dancing my little heart out.

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