Beach Hair Waves in the Fall! by Anna Bollozos

The gorgeous beach hair is an easy, breezy, beautiful look and simple to pull off.  Don’t you just love that look once  you get out off the water for that quick swim in the ocean?  Well, you don’t have to go to the beach to get full, wavy, salt-water hair.  Even if your hair is normally flat and limp, you can achieve that great beach hair style at home with just the right product.

Introducing, the new No 14 Sea Salt Primer by Davines.  Just a few spray on damp hair will give you texture and volume.  I myself,  have tried it and it is one of my favorite products from Davines.  I constantly try to give my hair a bit of that texture look with a curling iron or even just scrunching it with hairspray.  But the Sea Salt Primer by far has given me the best results yet!  All I had to do was spray my damp hair and diffuse it.  As a result, my hair had so much volume and texture without giving my hair a hard texture like gel does.  The sea salt spray finishes off with a dry, natural voluminous locks.  Now you can get that beachy wavy hair any time of the year!


To book an appointment or purchase a product, contact Cristiano Cora Studio at (212) 414-1333


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