Reinventing the Keratin Treatment with Nano Gold Particles!!! by Debbie

The company Research in Beauty has selected Cristiano Cora, to go to Houston to be involved in the launching of their new product for straightening curly frizzy hair. The product is called Nano Complex of which I am proud to be a part of. This Keratin Gold Retexturizing Treatment retexturizes the hair easily and beautifully and conditions the hair for maximum shine, manageability, and health. All with a formula that is free of formaldehyde, aldehide, thio, sodium hydroxide, carcinogens, lye or ether. In working with this product, I love the fact that there are no harsh fumes and no mask needed. This product is gentle enough to be used directly on the scalp with no effect on the client’s eyes or mine. Using the building blocks of a natural keratin based formula, Keratin Gold retexurizing Treatment uses a unique blend of Nano-complex amino acids, natural polymers and pure 24K Nano Gold Molecules to retexturize, straighten and condition. The results lasts about 3 months for chemically treated hair, 2 months on virgin hair and grows out naturally with no line of demarcation. No matter what the condition of the hair – virgin, tinted, bleached, highlighted, relaxed, multicultural or severely damaged – everyone can enjoy, a shiny, manageable and healthy hair without the fears associated with Keratin Treatments.

To book an appointment with a stylist, please contact Cristiano Cora Studio at (212) 414-1333


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