As a salon owner, I am very proud to be chosen for a product line.  To put a show together is always a challenge.  I believe that challenge is what made me grow and made me a better artist.  You need to have a very clear mind of what is your vision and expressing it to reality.  You need a good team of people to help you to make your vision become real, such as, a good make up artist, great music, fantastic clothing, great video introduction and of course, the hair has to look unbelievably beautiful.  For me, beauty is something very light, seamless, well balance.  It is what makes my soul light and makes me feel very happy, smiling, and sometimes crying.  Enjoy, live the moment but the most important thing at the end, is to capture it and let it go…



To book an appointment with a stylist, please contact Cristiano Cora Studio (212) 414-1333


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