Mystical Color by Jeanise Aviles

One gorgeous cold afternoon i had the colorful pleasure of meeting Designer Andrea Diodati…. She’s a colorful dream come true that designs dresses and skirts out of curtains, pants and skirts out of silk blouses and vintage findings. It’s true what they say that you attract everything that you are and it’s lucky for me that i walk through this city with my heart always open showing my colors. Andrea came in this week and gave Cristiano and I complete and total free range to create a mystical look especially for her. She came in with long golden locks that i couldn’t help but cool down so that we could create a more soothing pallet to work with. Then Cristiano created and undercut shape with a blunt line from behind the ears to the other side streaming along the temple area with a few long layers on top….  Once her hair was cut creatively to suit her features and lifestyle it was time for us to play with colors >>hearts<<… Andrea loves to collage and cluster many colors, textures and prints with that said I colored her hair in a way that she would feel inspired to build her look around her new hair color.  In the front I paneled out a 2 inch section on top so the platinum color drapes over the yellow softly and then 2 half inch panels from the top of her head to just behind the ear in yellow and pink to play as an accessory.  She was so pleased and excited about her new look she went home immediately to build fun, playful looks!











Love and Romance


To book an appointment with a colorist or stylist, please contact Cristiano Cora Studio at (212) 414-1333


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