Fun makeup trends for spring by Elena Eresko! I LOVE HAIR!!!

Every woman wants to be beautiful but you’re not necessarily born that way.  The right makeup could make magic and make every woman feel and look gorgeous. The correct makeup begins with foundation and/or powder because the shadow and blush will look perfect only on smooth skin.  Then, step by step, dust blush over cheekbones, then emphasize eyes and eyebrows with fun colors.  Final step is a lipstick which will accent the most sensual part of your face the lips. Stylish makeup depends largely on fashion.  Let’s see what makeup is in season in everyday life.

Dramatic makeup on fashion show Christian Dior Couture.

Pale skin, red shimmer lipstick and black matt eyeliner.

Natalie Portman’s makeup on Sceen Actors Guild Awards was restrained, but chic.

Dewey skin, natural lips and bright smoky-eyes.

Soft makeup on fashion show Dries Van Noten.

Nothing difficult just clean face with a little gold pigment on the eyelids and no mascara! This is new fashion trend in this season.

Moschino – makeup of the eyes inspired cat-eye glasses most urgent shape!!!

Black eyeliner and black shadow.

Chanel fashion show. Cat eyes….!!!

On New York Fashion week Derek Lam and Peter Som used colored eyeliner. Feels spring!!!…and 60-s!!!

Derek Lam used orange.

Peter Som used yellow.

So ladies wear makeup and be beautiful!!!


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