Elizabeth Taylor by Arnulfo Garcia

I was ten years old when my mother introduced me to the film classics and I immediately fell in love with old Hollywood glamour.  I watched all the studio greats and appreciated the works of Bette, Joan, Rita, Marlene, Audrey and Marilyn.  But of all the actresses, none had the star-quality that came natural to Elizabeth Taylor- she was stunningly gorgeous and extremely talented.

My favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie is Butterfield 8.  For this role she won an Oscar for Best Actress in 1961.  She played a fiercely glamorous prostitute that liked to “borrow” furs and plunges to her death in a sports car in the end.  I always thought the movie had a tragically fabulous ending.

On a recent trip to a vintage store I ran across and original billboard for the movie Giant.  Not only was Giant filmed in my home state of Texas but it starred Elizabeth with the equally handsome James Dean and Rock Hudson.  Naturally I wanted to own this piece of history but priced at $2,200 it was much too steep for me.  I was heartbroken but that still didn’t compare to the news of her recent passing.

Elizabeth Taylor was the last living Hollywood legend.  She was fearless, brave and lived life magnificently.  She was always known for her boozing, husbands, diamonds and diets but not for all the good she did in her community. Hollywood will  never make another actress like Elizabeth Taylor- she was larger than life.

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