Model Adventures by Janise! Enjoy! I LOVE HAIR!!!

Model Adventures
You never know who you’ll meet. I met a bubble gum pink haired girl at a fashion/art show in December named Sadie Drucker. I just had to know who she was… She is super cute, very interesting and so much fun. I thought to myself with excitement “I must have her as a model for our creative master class”. We immediatley hit it off. She was dressed as a fantasy pirate and i had a pink heart painted over my lips with bright green eyeshadow. The two of us pink haired girls were chatting outside the gallery and there was a HUGE tour bus parked right out front. We made friends with the the owner and she says” My Dad has a huge tour bus just like this one.” and proceeded to tell the story of her father who is part of the band called the “Stray Cats”. Sadie is originally from LA, goes to Parsons School of Design and is studying illustration. We kept in contact over the next couple of months and finally we were able to coordinate with her to be a part of our April workshop. We spent several hours together at the studio bleaching and toning, chatting and laughing. I changed her base to a pearl pink and did some criss cross paneling with a babypink and chocolate brown. We had a BLAST taking her through such a fun transformation. We ended with giggles and forever we will be bonded as pink ladies!

If you like to make an appointment at Cristiano Cora Studio please call 212 414 1333


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