Summertime waves by Debbie! Enjoy! I LOVE HAIR!

Summer is coming and I have always loved a “playful sumertime wave” look for hair especially when you are sporting a tan. Here is one easy way you can create this look.

1. Apply a heat protecting spray to damp hair and blow dry it straight.  I like to use Melu Thermal Protecting Shield by “Davines”.

2. Divide hair into two to four sections. Then, loosely braid each section and secure the ends with elastics. Spritz on a light hold hairspray to help set the braids.

3.  Take a flat iron and starting at the top of each braid, apply gentle pressure for a few seconds moving downward toward the end (carefully avoiding the elastic).

4. Loosen the braids by gently pinching the sides between your thumb and forefinger.

5. Remove the elastics and use your fingers to loosen the curls. Brush them lightly and set with hairspray.

Then off you go…..

If You like to make anappointment  at Cristiano Cora Studio please call 212 414 1333.


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