Straw hats forewer!By Elena Eresko! Enjoy! I LOVE HAIR!

Within so many seasons,the straw hat is the most popular summer acessory. Let’s see about the origins and how many variations there are.  Listed are some of the popular ones.

The Boater Straw hat- Also known as “Sailor”, “Sennit”, “Boater”, and “Skimmer”. It is the stiff straw hat distinguished by a flat top crown. The Boater Straw is still considered as one of the most dressy of the straw hats, thoroughly suitable for evening and the more formal occasions, and still preferred by some for all–around wear.

The Optimo Straw hat 
At one time the favored shape for Panama hats. The Optimo has an un-dented, full blocked crown with a narrow ridge running over it lengthwise. The Optimo is now considered an extremely conservative shape, and the demand for it in recent years has been negligible in the stores.

Genuine Panama Straw hats

For season after season the Panama Straw hat has been the leader in the market place because of its unique combination of smart appearance, lightness, coolness, and durability. Panama Straw hats are “genuine”, meaning that they are all hand-woven of “toquilla” fiber and imported from Ecuador or South America.

Texture & Weave 
The appearance of the surface of the straw hat resulting from the type of material used and the way it is woven or braided is a major style variation and is likewise a major quality factor in straw hats. In the dressier straws such as Panamas and Milan’s, the best-looking and best quality hat is the one with the finest and most even weaves.

Quality The quality of the material of which the straw hat is woven or braided is reflected in its appearance. Likewise, the quality of workmanship in producing evenness and uniformity of weave or braid strongly effects the appearance, as do the care and skill exercised in bleaching, dyeing, blocking, and finishing.

These are some of the iconic figures who have become the fashion victims of straw hats.

Brigitte Bardot is wearing the bigest straw hat!

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel..

Frank Sinatra in straw Fedora hat.

So, lets wear straw hats! It’s not only fashionable but also protect you from the hot summer sun. Get ready for summer and buy your own straw hat!

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