Vintage Now by Damon Alfonso

What used to be popular in the burlesque community is now slowly making into mainstream fashion.  The 40’s hair influence is clearly becoming the latest hair craze and should make it’s appearance in the fashion runways this Fall season.  Vintage hairstyling isn’t anything new.  It appeared very briefly in the 80’s with fans of Elvis and James Dean known as Rockabillies bringing the look back and making it current.  It retained a small but strong cult following that has managed to keep it alive until now.
My prediction is these styles will be a little bit more exaggerated opposed to subtle details.  Faux-hawks are a prime example of keeping it safe but adding a little edge to your look.

Color may even play a great deal in this upcoming trend.  I really can’t picture anyone just wearing pin-up styles and fingerwaves and leaving the hair color natural.  People who wear these styles are making statements and just want to have fun.  And why not?  The disheveled has made it’s run and it is now over. The next season will be more lines, structure and neatness.  The 70’s shag and the 80’s assymetrical hair will be taking a break …  at least for now.  I LOVE HAIR!

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