From an Apprentice’s Point of View by Remy Moore

Ever since I can remember, I have been completely obsessed with hair. At 10 I begged my father to dye my hair & by 11 I was babysitting kids in the neighborhood on the weekends so I could pay to get my hair professionally done. This should have been a clear indication that I would want to spend my life doing hair.

I always knew I wanted to own a salon, but living in a smaller city at the time, I never knew exactly how amazing this industry was. My career started initially 4 years ago when I was guided to start an Apprenticeship, under my current stylists in California; which was a Bumble & Bumble network salon.

Suddenly my path became clear and it all made sense.

I was involved heavily in my Apprenticeship, I was a complete sponge but I was still missing something. I knew that for the kind of life that I wanted to build, and to gain the education I needed to be the best, that California sadly could not fill that for me. The only option was coming to New York. Scary, I would be a fish out of water in the concrete jungle of 8 million + people that knew no one. But the education was driving me.

I was fortunate enough to go to school at Arrojo Cosmetology School. Coming from a Bumble salon and then nurturing my skills at Arrojo I saw how much I really loved to dress hair, but knew I needed the structure of the basics. The utmost care to be given to creating shape. If I love dressing hair and styling, then I must know how to create beautiful shapes in a cut. I did my research on where I felt would best give me the structure and foundation and it became clear. GO TO THE PIONEER. I knew I wanted Vidal Sassoon training but there was no way I would fit in, so I searched and I found. It took a few months to find a fit, I was at a different salon but not fulfilled. One morning by the grace of whatever is up in the sky, the director of my school sent me an email telling me that Cristiano Cora was looking for an Apprentice. I sent my résumé in on the off chance. I looked at the website and obviously knew who Cristiano was, and didn’t think that anything would come of it. Sure enough I got a call the next day, met with Cristiano the following morning and started two days later.

For me to see the shapes that Cristiano cuts, to see the work he does, its awe-inspiring. I look at his collection work and I am completely blown away. I look at the caliber of the people he surrounds himself with. It’s both inspiring and beyond intimidating. You should have seen my first Denman blow dry class. It was a complete joke. I was so far out of my comfort zone that I could feel frustration festering. But I know that finding this beautiful organic marriage of the structure and what I love to see in hair will make me a truly amazing stylist. I am both daunted and completely ecstatic about my education program and the vast knowledge that I will gain. I hope one day I can create the shapes that Cristiano, Claudia, Arlene or Arnulfo creates in hair. To be around that level of precision on a daily basis is a treat!


If you would like to make an appointment, please call us at (212)414-1333.

Here’s to the marriage of my work and Cristiano’s


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One response to “From an Apprentice’s Point of View by Remy Moore

  1. Monica

    Hi Remy,
    Well done fallowing your heart and passion.. It’s lovely to hear your story. I’ve worked with Christiano and Claudia at Sassoon, both very talented and inspiring, plus Nick when I worked at Bumble. Your truely in great hands and on the right path for a great future in hair. Continue to be the sponge that you are… Keep us posted!!

    Monica Brady

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