“Shaping the Future” by Dayna Goldstein

I recently moved to New York City to pursue my dream of becoming a hairstylist, where I began my journey at Arrojo Cosmetology School.When I graduated school, I was determined to find the best salon that suited my style but more importantly; somewhere that I could continue my education. After long weeks of searching for salons, I came across Cristiano Cora Studio. When I came in for an interview I was asked what I was looking for in a salon and my first answer was a good education. I was immediately told that’s exactly what I would get, and was excited about the opportunity and was ready to get to work. I was particularly attracted to the amazing architectural design and unique style of Cristiano Cora Studio. I felt like I was walking into something from the future — my future. When you walk in to Cristiano Cora Studio you feel like you are standing in an endless tunnel, everything looks clean and fresh, with distinctive shapes and pieces of furniture that compliment each other.

Living in Manhattan can be quite expensive, and although becoming a great hairstylist is my primary goal, I also realized quickly that I was going to need to find another job to support this lifestyle. Having done waitressing through out school, I ‘ve learned that it is a prudent way to supplement my income. Allowing me to live in Manhattan while I continue pursuing my education and career as a hair stylist. Looking for two jobs at once is not an easy task, but I was offered a position as a server at a brand new hotel restaurant called Yotel. As I was given a tour of the hotel and restaurant, I was surprised to see the similarities of the architecture and designs of my two new jobs. I found myself surrounded by two very unique and beautiful environments that feature: luxury, technology, and efficiency. Two places where people go to relax at ease, feel good, and admire the individuality of both.

An environment can play a huge role in setting the tone. With both of these properties, Cristiano Cora Studio and Yotel, the guests always seem very calm and you can tell they are enjoying themselves. I have come to realize that sometimes less is more. In this case the simplicity and creativity of both is what sets these two businesses apart from the rest. From the simple and soft color schemes, to the futuristic concepts these modern designs are very appealing and prescient.

I am so excited for the future and all the things I have been learning at both jobs and very grateful for the opportunities. In just a few weeks I have already learned so much about hair and have been challenged by both Cristiano and Yotel. Challenge is key when you desire to progress and succeed in your career. I LOVE HAIR

If you would like to make an appointment, please call us at (212)414-1333.


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