Model Adventures by Jeanise Aviles












This week I have had the pleasure to create a color design especially for jewelry designer Erika Dray and lead singer/guitarist of Fifth Nation Julia King.

Erika is a native New Yorker like myself so I was drawn to her immediately. Her designs are fun and colorful as well as organic and natural. What I love about Erika is that she is fearless in her creative style and stands out in a crowd with her beauty and laughter. We both just recently had our first show experience and that made me feel connected to her because we as artist are progressing in what we are most passionate about. We had a laugh yesterday evening swapping stories and coloring her hair for our master class.

Julia King lead singer/guitarist of FifthNation ROCKS! I met her at one of her shows and while she was rocking out on stage swinging her hair I was just fantasizing about coloring it!!!! I looked her up and read the story of how she and Music, drummer of the band/boyfriend met and I was immediateltly drawn to the romanticism of how they came together. I asked her if she wanted to model for one of our workshops and she was totally down! We spent hours together doing color correction as well as creative color. She inspired me with her love story and passion for music.

I look forward to seeing the final look this weekend when Cristiano Cora makes MAGIC with his shears!  I LOVE HAIR

If you would like to make an appointment, please call us at (212)414-1333.


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