You Can Rock Out … But Only With the Right Change by Debby Capone

I never imagined Cristiano being able to please the head of a rock star.

I have seen Cristiano cut a variety of styles, mostly architecturally oriented but I could never have envisioned him relating hair to the life style of a “punk rocker”.

I sat there and smirked when she asked Cristiano if he could keep her length. I knew that this was a workshop and that “ that was not happening”.

I did not know what his plan was, but I did know that her hair was coming off. As Cristiano started to cut her hair, I watched as she squirmed in her chair while the locks fell to the floor. I could feel the energy coming from her frightened emotion. I thought she was going to get up and run out of the salon. But then her curiosity got the best of her and she started to relax. Everyone watched as Cristiano cut an amazing undercut that along with her color (done by Janise) began to take shape. With the remaining length, Cristiano cut a look that was so versatile and fitting for her life style, I left the workshop stunned. His model Julia (from the band 5th nation) was so ecstatic she could not stop looking at herself in the mirrors as she floated out of the salon. Pictures to come from the event next week! I LOVE HAIR

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