Quick Fixes by Arleen Quinones

So long ponytails, bye bye buns. Summers new updos are bold, glamorous and sexy. Get ready to show a little neck. Pretty plaits, retro waves and undone knots; a quick fix to look fresh and youthful.

To achieve the Grecian braid

  • Starting on one side, take a 3 inch thich piece of hair and begin to french braid them together.
  • Along the hairline, clip the ned of the braid with a bobby pin leacing a few inches undone.
  • Repeat on the other side and pin the two braids together at the nape.
  • Braid the two undone ends into one thick plait and secure with a clear elastic.
  • Twist the entire braid into a bun and clip it to the head with bobby pins.
  • It can be a bit messy in the back. You don;t want it to be perfect.
  • Set with Davines Molding Hairspray.
Another look you can sport: A slick twist – It’s modern yet sophisticated. It’s also very practical and works best with medium length to thick hair. This style can emphasize thickness if you have fine hair too!
  • Start with unwashed hair or apply glossing balm to recently washed hair.
  • Pull pinytail midway between nape and crown.
  • Secure with a chunky elastic.
  • Apply texturizing spray.
  • Then twist into bun and secure with long bobby pins.
There you have it easy and fashion forward salon styles that you can achieve on your own! I LOVE HAIRIf you would like to make an appointment, please call us at  212 414 1333


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