“Turning Back the Hands of Time” by Claudia Weldon I LOVE HAIR

Recently, I was invited to visit our friend Dr. Thomas Placido Lutri at his new practice in Manhattan. He wanted to show me his latest technology, the EndyMed PRO. This machine stimulates new production of collagen and improves overall skin surface texture by delivering energy to the deepest layers of your skin.

After examining what area of the face to treat we decided together to focus on my upper neck and chin. Tom said that after the treatment my skin would be tighter and firmer. After applying a protective gel, Tom placed a device over the skin that was warm and painless. He used stroking movements over and over again. It was a very pleasant and relaxing feeling. The whole procedure took about 45 minutes.

Tom said that to get maximum results I should have several treatments and that the best results can be seen after 6 months since it takes time for the collagen to be reproduced. Since I am not the kind of person who would go for a face life or botox treatment, this seems to be a perfect alternative. It is painless and non invasive.

I have to stay that only after one treatment when I looked in the mirror I noticed the difference! After all, as a hairdresser, we are always mindful of keeping our hair up to date and fresh that sometimes we lack focus on our skin. At Cristiano Cora Studio we use precision cutting and technologically advanced products including color to keep inline with being a cut above the rest. I LOVE HAIR


Young Again, MD

Beauty Without Pain

20 Waterside Plaza Suite A

New York, NY 10010








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