Soaking up the sun! By Elena Eresko! I Love hair!!!

In the summer we with pleasure soak up the sun, sometimes forgetting about the health of our hair. Sun rays, salty sea water and coloring –as we all know, can be damaging to our hair and our appearance. But it is not worth the stress, if you just follow these simple rules on how to care for your hair, very soon it will find shine and light:

Choose extra-soft shampoo which not only will effectively clear hair of a dust, dirt and sea salt, but also won’t render aggressive influence on a capillary fibre.

After each wash, it is necessary to put a nutritious hair conditioner which not only possesses the expressed medical properties, but also regulates level of hydration preventing problems such as dryness and fragil hair. Besides, hair after the procedure will be soft and obedient .

At least two times a week arrange time to treat your hair with a deep conditioning . For this purpose use a hair repair mask, the warmed-up oil mixes humidifying structures which application, of course, demands some time, and the result will be visible immediately. After taking the length of your hair into consideration, wrap up your towel which moistened in hot water and has been carefully wrung out. Thus, nutritious components will operate more actively and the advantage of procedure will increase several times.

For colored hair, use one of these shampoo and conditioners by Davines, which contains color pigment and will brighten up your existing color and protect it from fading.

On a beach day protect your hair with a wide-brimmed hat or a scarf and if you are not wearing any accessories on your clothes use special protective oil which operates as a sheild from the harsh sun rays and preserves hair against the aggressive influence.

Protect your hair and enjoy your summer!


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