Hair frizzed out? Oi boy! Debbie’s here to help…

With summer winding down, some of you out there may have some leftover frizz from the humidity we’ve experienced. Oi vey! Need a solution? Try an oil. Yes, an oil. I recommend Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion by Davines. This little wonder product will restore your hair’s natural moisture.

Oi’s unique benefits provide clients with long lasting shine and a soft finish. You can use the oil to un-tangle, un-frizz and un-do the damage done to your hair! And it smells good too. This special forumla contains Rocou oil straight from the Amazon which aids in the reconstruction and re-growth process with the use of anti-oxidants: yeah, the good stuff. Just gently massage 2-3 squeezes in the plams of your hands and apply to the lengths and ends of wet or blown-dry hair as a styling or finsihing product.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let the humidity leave your hair in a frizz, come in today and let all your hairs “fall” into place with Davines’ Oi/Oil.


For an appointment, please call Cristiano Cora Studio at 212-414-1333




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