Hair: The Constant Accessory By Jun Jie Du

We’re always looking to update our look, right? Well, what better place to start than with your hair?


We change out our handbags, shoes, and even jewelry on a daily basis so why not our luscious manes? See, hair is the one constant accessory that defines our personality. We can be edgy, conservative, creative or simple, but never dull.


Treat your hair the way you would treat any other wardrobe staple and make it a piece of your daily look. Going for a night out on the town? How about a sharp cut that is as bold as those new kicks you’re rocking out? Have a gala to attend? Give your hair a lift with a sleek updo that will dazzle even the smuggest of partygoers.


Don’t forget that hair, just like fashion, is always evolving and can make or break your persona. So don’t get caught with last season’s Prada handbag and definitely not with your mom’s teased-out do from the 80’s. Have fun with your hairstyle, but make sure it’s something that’s just not you. Wear your hair proudly!



For an appointment, please call Crisitano Cora Studio at 212-414-1333


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