Scissor Over Comb Technique, by Arleen Quinones

The scissor over comb technique, often used by barbers, is essential for various cuts on both men and women. The particular technique allows you to cut close to the head and follow the hairline. If you do it right, you end up with a softer look rather than the “buzzed” look you get with clippers.

Starting at the top of the head, place the comb at the center front hairline. Lift a section of hair with your comb in your holding hand and with your cutting hand, cut off the hair that sticks past the comb—making sure the lower blade of your scissors is parallel to your comb. While you cut this section, be sure to keep the scissors moving and close to the comb. Also try and open and close the blades all the way so that most of the hair is getting cut with the center part of the blades rather than the tips.

Now for the sides, place comb close to the hairline in front of the ears and work the side panel into the top area remembering to angle your comb the whole time. You must make sure you keep your comb at a consistent distance and angle from the scalp to get a smooth flow. Move on the back starting at the bottom hairline working in three panels starting in the center. Move your comb up to the top section while working the first panel. Once this is complete, go to the second panel of the back of the head and blend it into the sides keeping consistency throughout. Do the same for the third panel.

Once your back, top and sides are even all around, check through your sections to make sure everything is the same length. There you have it! This cut is stylish, daring and carefree that’s easy and classic all at the same time.


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