Change Your Look with Ease: by Sai

I always tell my clients that there is no rule to your hair. You should approach it the same way you dress every morning: with openness. Some days you may feel the need to be a bit edgier or sexy and others you may feel more relaxed or casual; that’s great!

The way you dress on a daily basis can change from day to day and so can your hairstyle. You can change where you part your hair, wear it straight and sleek or give it some va-va-voom with a natural, voluptuous curl.

One product that supports your right to style is Davines’ Wizard No. 9 Structuring Mist. No. 9 is a versatile spray that you can use as a styling product to build texture into any hairstyle. This product enhances, smoothes and helps give the hair shine–especially when it comes in contact with heat. So bust out those curling irons and flat irons, girls because your hair deserves a boost!

So whatever the occasion, wherever the location, express yourself. Try No. 9 when you feeling spontaneous and you may even surprise yourself! I LOVE HAIR

For an appointment, please call Cristiano Cora Studio at 212-414-1333


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