It’s All About Selenium. By Timothy Stilson. I Love Hair!

Whether it’s short or long, coarse or fine, dark or light, we all want our hair to look its best.  Who doesn’t?  Although coloring, and styling with hot tools can damage, there is one thing we can do to help maintain healthy, beautiful hair.  One word: Selenium.

Selenium is a non-metallic chemical element with excellent antioxident properties that protect the chromosomes of our body cells from the damaging effect of free radicals.  Not only does selenium promote healthy hair growth, it also helps prevent dandruff.  Also, Selenium, along with zinc helps to utalize proteins which in turn can help prevent hair loss and graying.

If you want more selenium in your diet, eat seafood, garlic, spinach, brazil nuts, turkey and chicken meat, beef, eggs, tofu, brown rice, special k cereal and, yes, even beer.

Help your beautiful hair stay beautiful.  Get Selenium!

If You would like to book an appointment or a consultation, call Cristiano Cora Studio at 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!


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