Head Message Benefits. By Maria Tsaguriya. I Love Hair!

An important aspect of the salon experience is the relaxing head message you receive during the shampoo.  Some people are curious as to why they receive a head message.  Sure it feels great, but what are the benefits?  

The mental health benefits of a head message help with relaxation of the mind and promotes a sense of calmness and peace.  It can promote clearer thinking and aids in memory and higher levels of concentration as well.  Physically there are a large amount of health benefits as well.  The benefits include a depletion in headaches and migraines, sinusitis, insomnia, increased oxygen to the brain and helping reduce asthma.  Most importantly scalp stimulation also increases blood circulation and promotes healthy hair.  Who doesn’t want more healthy hair?  

The origins of head message start in India.  It is very popular in Hindi practice and is known as Chamissage, and is part of their alternative medicine massage therapy.  It was brought over to the west in the 1970’s by Narendra Mehta, who brought the benefits of head message all over Europe as well.

Come in to the salon and receive a wonderful head message and a great haircut.  212-414-1333.  What’s not to love? I LOVE HAIR!


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