Prevent Breakage and Stop Those Fly Aways! By Leila Vea. I Love Hair!

Are you sick of finding all those broken hairs on your jacket?  Split ends driving you crazy?  Have I got the product for you!

Melu Anti Breakage Serum is one of Davine’s great styling products.  It’s a thermal protectant that adds shine and prevents breakage at the same time.  The serum helps repair split ends, and with continued use, prevents further breakage from occuring.

Melu contains cherry oil, for mosturizing and nourishing properties, and keratin, which strengthens the structure of the hair, making your lucious locks shiny and luxurious.

After shampooing and conditioning, use Melu Anti Breakage Serum as a thermal protectant before your blowdry.  Apply one or two pumps to the palm of your hand and distribute through towel dried hair evenly from mid-length to ends.  Follow with your regular styling procedure.

For an added bonus, use Melu Anti Breakage Serum as a finishing product, taming those stubborn fly aways, and giving your hair some added shine.

To book a consultation or appointment call Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!


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