Color Please! By Timothy Stilson. I Love Hair!

One thing I’ve noticed in men’s fashion (more so out on the street) is the lack of color shown.  You see women walking around flashing bright colors and great patterns, but the men tend to look like slabs of stylish cinder block; blacks, grays and browns making up a majority of their wardrobe.  Even I find I tend to blend in with the crowd, leaning toward neutrals and darks.

Who says men can’t show a bit of pizzazz?  Look at birds for instance.  Predominantly, the male birds are brighter and showier than the ladies.  The time has come men!  Show your sense of style!

Such designers as Paul Smith, Etro, DSQUARED2 and JCrew offer a great selection of men’s clothing that provide a plethora of color selection, and quite a nice choice of texture and pattern as well.

Even if your wardrobe consists of blacks, grays and browns, try adding a colored belt or shoes and I think you’ll find a complete change in your look.  I’m going to follow my own advice; you give it a try too.

To book a hair appointment or free consultation at Cristiano Cora Studio, call 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!


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