What You Get/What You Were Hoping For. By Ericka R. I Love Hair!

This might be the simplist explanation of customer satisfaction, and how best to achieve it.

Dissatisfaction occurs when the sales person, or in my case, technician fails on consultation, or promises results that they might not be able to achieve at that moment.  For me, if the results are not achievable at that moment, I will suggest a couple other options, and make the idea, that the client/customer came to me with, a work in progress.  With this you assure two things; they will not be discouraged from their idea, and also, you will insure their future visits to your establishment.

The ability to delight and surprise is at the core of every service or product.  Making unclear and over hyped promises will open up doubts and illusions you might not be able to achieve.  Yes, of course you have to make promises to get their attention and get them to try it.  The mistake is when you put more effort into promises and less into what you are indeed able to deliver.

Research shows that what people remember is far more important than what they actually experienced.  This happens in the peak of their experience, whether good or bad, and at the ending.  The easiest way to amplify customer satisfaction then, is to under promise, then, deliver much more and make sure it happens during the end of the experience you provide.

To book a free consultation or hair appointment, call Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!



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