A Night of Fashion With Designer Christine Alcalay! By Thea Derecola, Leila Vea, Sai and Timothy Stilson. I Love Hair!

Fashion week comes twice a year, but leaves a never ending impression.

This week, hair stylists Thea Derecola, Leila Vea and Sai got a chance to work with fabulous designer Christine Alcalay on her Autumn/Winter 2012 collection show.  The atmosphere at SOHO House was the perfect match to Christine’s line.  The models and stylists mingled with one another, while Christine walked around finalizing last details.

Christine picked the perfect locale for her show, set in a hotel room with beautiful distressed wooden floors, and elegant light fixtures and furniture that only enhanced her pieces.  Walking through the room, I felt as if I was sent back to an era where fashion was given an air of almost effortlessness.  The loose flowing clothing fit the models as if they were wearing nothing but water or air.

Sai described her experience, saying, “I liked the way the models were placed as if in an art exhibit as opposed to walking a runway.  I felt it created a more personal and less ‘stuffy’ atmosphere.”

Leila added, “I loved the space.  I felt there was a more intimate approach to Christine’s presentation.  She allowed the viewer to really admire and take in the full affect of her pieces.”

Thea said, “it was a calculated reflection of American beauty, nineteen twenties flapper girl, Zelda Fitzgerald in a modern way.  The hair invoked the mood of disheveled elegance, and complimented Christine’s vision.  It was ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’ in a lost and future era.  Christine’s positioning of the models reflected directly from Edward Hopper whose inspirations depicted daily life.”

To give the models their “elegant, effortless” look the ladies started out by spraying the hair with Davine’s Sea Salt spray to give the hair a beachy/gritty texture, with some hold for the base.  They then sectioned the hair into four sections; one on each side of the head, one on top, and one at the back.  After sectioning the hair, it was backcombed directing the hair away from the face, and put into a loose low ponytail to keep a raw and unkempt look.  Lastly, they sprayed the hair with Davine’s Invisible Hair Spray.

The entire experience left all of us wanting more.

For more information visit Christine’s website: http://www.christinealcalay.com


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