Donating to Save Lives. By Krystal Santiago. I Love Hair!

Recently I received two e-mails; to which I responded immediately.  They have both inspired this blog.

Having lost two people in my life to AIDS definitely makes this a close to home subject for me.  I try to get sponsors, and donate every year myself, which brings me to my e-mails.

The first e-mail I received concerned the AIDS walk in May.  I made sure to register with my friends and promised to be there rain or shine.

The second e-mail contained a promotion to preorder Viva Glam Nicki products before the store released them.  If you are unaware of the MAC Viva Glam products, MAC donates every cent from every sale to men, women and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Not only did I jump on the sale due to my love of makeup and all things pink, but also, it’s another way I can donate.

Through a global poll I found, as of the end of 2010, it was estimated that about 34 million people in the world are living with AIDS; 50% of those being women and 3.4 million of those being children.  Yearly, an estimated 1.8 million people die from AIDS.

I strongly encourage you to register for the AIDS walk, sponsor a walker, or donate some money or time.

If walking through the park is not your thing, stop by the MAC website amongst others and make a purchase for yourself or someone else.  Your donation could help change lives.

Here are a few links to some sites you can donate at:


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