Let Your Style Make You Happy! By Sai. I Love Hair!

Recently, I have had clients coming to me saying, “I’m sorry, my hairstyle is boring” when we have their consultation.  I always correct them saying, “It’s not boring, it’s classic or ‘simple’, and that’s ok.  But are you happy with it?”  If they’re not, I find out what will make them happy, and fix it as best I can.

I myself don’t think there is any “boring” style/hairstyle.  I feel your style should reflect your lifestyle, your personality and your taste.  If your hair doesn’t fit that criteria, can you, and do you want to change that?

Style always comes and goes, ever changing.  What was in years ago, you will see in the latest issue of fashion magazine.

Some people follow what’s “in” with style.  Some people follow what they like or “need”.

The important thing is wearing what you love and feeling you can express yourself wholly.  If you love bright colors, wear bright colors.  If you like to wear your hair funky, do that.  Be yourself completely and don’t worry about whether or not it’s what’s “in”.  Life is meant to be used to find happiness.




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