It’s Up To You, New York New York. By Timothy Stilson. I Love Hair!

It’s amazing to me how quickly time flies.  Five years have come and gone since I moved to the city that never sleeps (although, I have witnessed it to get very quiet.  Time Square at three in the morning is more of a spectacle than during the day when it’s crammed full of people), and in that five years, I’ve seen and heard amazing things.

One of my favorite qualities of NYC, above everything else is its culture.  Every part of the world can be found on this 23 square mile slab of schist, marble and gneiss.  From the Italian and Chinese neighborhoods below Houston, to the Dominicans up in Washington Heights, to the Greeks of Queens, to the Russians of Coney Island, every part of the world is representing right here in New York.

With its amazing diversity, and its beautiful people comes the food.  Now, I am no pushover when it comes to food.  Pizza, pasta, curries, noodles, pastries.  I love it all.

I, myself, live in a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is predominantly Caribbean.   I haven’t tried the food yet, but I’m anxious to do so.

Another thing I love about Manhattan is that there is always something to do.  I love art and theater, and haven’t been disappointed yet by the museums and shows I’ve been to.

This city stirs something inside, and holds on.  When I go home to Maine to visit family, and then come back, I feel like I’m coming back to a part of me that was removed.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I do love my home in Maine very much.)

You live here, and maybe you struggle sometimes, and the city chews you up and spits you out, and the people can be loud and rude and crazy, and you get away to catch your breath, and you come back, and you’re reminded of the amazing beauty of the city’s people and its cultures, and its opportunities, and it still feels so amazing.

The soul of the city is all of these things, and they make New York New York.

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