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Cropped, Flared or Layered? By Arleen Quinones. I Love Hair!

All of the above will be stealing the show this fall.

Skirt lovers avert your eyes.  Dresses have become too trendy.

Anyone who tracked both Prada and Miu Miu fall shows will already be apposed of the fact that they showed (with minor exceptions) only pants: narrow cropped pants, with a choice of clumpy shoes in various degrees of elevation.

Prada sets the trend this season, and this is yet an other example of her left field thinking currently being celebrated in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Costume Institute’s Impossible Conversations exhibition.  She’s reflecting the evidence that’s been flashing by on the street: skirts are out, trousers are in.  Time then to narrow our eyes and look harder at the ways in which they’re looking new. What makes the difference between what was in in 2011 and what is in in 2012?  Whatever the style or shape of the pants, the key is in where the hem lies.

The new thing is to have ankle showing with a stunning shoe.  From funky sneakers to sultry heels, creating space to showcase each item is what’s hot now.

One final point on the pants agenda.  The incoming shift in proportions favors roomy three quarter length jackets and loose shirts, nothing tucked in or tight.  If that doesn’t take the fear out of pants wearing, nothing will.

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What’s Your Flavor? By Megan Vega. I Love Hair!

In hair color that is…

I have a grape colored fringe, because I wanted to go a little bolder than I would have with a more natural tone, and I love it.  It ads just a little more flare to my style.

Now that spring is here, why not give your hair the effect of a nicely ripened fruit, to go with the blossoming May flowers.  Try a passion fruit pink panel, or a nice turquoise face frame.

To achieve the desired color, requires a two step process.  The desired look is consulted through with the colorist, deciding what would best suit your skin tone, face shape, and what would work well with your current hair style.  Afterward, the hair is sectioned and the desired “panel” is first lightened with a high lift bleach.  After, once the hair has been lifted to the required level, the color is then applied over the same section.

According to recent fashion magazines bold colors are in style.  If you’re not too crazy about blueberry blue, maybe start with a strawberry red.  If you’re not up for the commitment of coloring, you can always buy a panel extension and try that out, or there is the one day use, hair chalk, which comes in striking colors, from neon pink, to peacock blue.

Add a bit of color to your hair, to accentuate your wardrobe, and bring in the spring/summer with a SPLASH!

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SUMMER HAIR WITHOUT FRIZZ. By Claudia Weldon. I Love Hair!

Being a hair stylist at Cristiano Cora Studio and having wavy unruly hair myself, I am constantly looking for new hairstyling products that reduce the frizz and smooth the curls.  As low maintenance as it can be to have wavy hair (just letting it air dry) it can also be very challenging.

Most hair products can be too heavy or greasy, or just don’t do anything.

Then I tried Davines’ Momo Curl Enhancing Fluid, and it changed my life.  It enhances and defines the shape of my curls and transforms frizzy hair.  It also gives definition without weighing it down.  It gives softness to hair, while protecting it from the damaging effects of pollution.

How to use it:

Apply a small amount to shampooed and conditioned hair.  Comb through and defuse or air-dry. Passing wet hands through the hair restores vitality to curls up to seven hours after application.

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Put Your Best Face Forward. By Krystal Santiago. I Love Hair!

We all wear the perfect shoes to compliment our clothes, and we all do our hair to compliment our?….  Our face!

While natural beauty may be best, there is always something we like to hide, such as dark circles, and something we would like to accentuate, such as cheek bones.

Now, if you’re a fanatic, you can follow the new spring trends.  Go bold orange, pale pastel, or other bright colors.  But, let’s be honest.  Most of us are mothers working 9-5 and just do not have the time or money to invest in a case of makeup and applicators.

Here’s some cheap quick tips or an everyday look on a budget.

For one, I love NYC concealer sticks.  They can be found at the pharmacy and they cover those blemishes and under-eye bags.  Apply yellow under eyes, and green to red spots.

Rimmell London has inexpensive face powders or bronzers.  I apply a light coat over my entire face.  (Make sure everything is well blended.)  Now you have even skin tone and a nice glow.

It’s time to add blush.  In small circular motions on the apples of your cheeks.  (Smile to find those.)  You can wear your blush like this for a natural look.  Just add lip gloss and mascara and some eyebrow pencil.  For a bolder look, add a color to the crease in your eyes.  (Again, blend.)

Here’s the fun part!  My favorite eyeliner is Smashbox, and can be bought at Sephora.  It is black as black, and lasts all day!  Line the upper and inner bottom of your eyes.  If you want a more drastic look, add a wing with liquid liner from the outer corner of your eye toward the end of your brow.

End if all with a bold red lip.  My favorite is Russian Red by Mac.

These are general tips and we are all different, so different variations on color and/or technique can be played with.  I hope it works for you.  It does for me.  Enjoy!

For a hair appointment or a complimentary consultation, call Cristiano Cora at 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!

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