Cropped, Flared or Layered? By Arleen Quinones. I Love Hair!

All of the above will be stealing the show this fall.

Skirt lovers avert your eyes.  Dresses have become too trendy.

Anyone who tracked both Prada and Miu Miu fall shows will already be apposed of the fact that they showed (with minor exceptions) only pants: narrow cropped pants, with a choice of clumpy shoes in various degrees of elevation.

Prada sets the trend this season, and this is yet an other example of her left field thinking currently being celebrated in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Costume Institute’s Impossible Conversations exhibition.  She’s reflecting the evidence that’s been flashing by on the street: skirts are out, trousers are in.  Time then to narrow our eyes and look harder at the ways in which they’re looking new. What makes the difference between what was in in 2011 and what is in in 2012?  Whatever the style or shape of the pants, the key is in where the hem lies.

The new thing is to have ankle showing with a stunning shoe.  From funky sneakers to sultry heels, creating space to showcase each item is what’s hot now.

One final point on the pants agenda.  The incoming shift in proportions favors roomy three quarter length jackets and loose shirts, nothing tucked in or tight.  If that doesn’t take the fear out of pants wearing, nothing will.

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