Summer-lights, Not Highlights. By Roger Garcia. I Love Hair!

Having woken up today on the first day of June was kind of daunting.

It almost feels like the year is almost over and I haven’t even had much time to plan a summer wardrobe!

One thing is for sure though.  My hair color is the blondest it’s ever been.

It is my opinion that hair, much like the evolution of your wardrobe should have a slight change from season to season.  There should be a very subtle transition.

One great way to achieve a great new look without compromising up keep/maintenance or your base color would be to get some beautiful face framing highlights.  When done correctly they can give you that amazing sun kissed look, which is sure to go well with any summer dress and wedge sandal.

If you’re worried about maintenance, don’t be.  Our experienced team of colorists have all the right tools to ensure the color will seem as natural as if you spent a week on a tropical beach.

With those summer highlights, I can also recommend the Davines #14 Sea Salt Primer.  This matte spray has just a touch of hold, while giving your hair that gritty just-had-a-day-at-the-beach feel and look.

Get your summer on!

To book an appointment or complimentary consultation, contact Cristiano Cora Studio @ 212-414-1333.  I Love Hair!


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